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Community Center Bio-Remediation

Public-nonprofit bio-remediation project combining active and passive rainwater collection systems with a complex network of filtration basins.

Prescott, Arizona

Skywater’s Strategy

An existing, busy municipal community center and Meals On Wheels facility served as the site for this green infrastructure project. Located in Prescott, Arizona, the area receives an average of about 13 in. of precipitation per year. Funded by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ), the project was a  partnership between local non-profit watershed steward Prescott Creeks Preservation Association and the City of Prescott. Our primary objective was to develop green infrastructure to remove and/or reduce nonpoint source pollution and to improve the water quality of Watson Lake and its tributaries. Another guiding goal was to educate the public about green infrastructure, rainwater harvesting and their local watershed. Prescott Creeks staff continues to monitor effectiveness as part of ADEQ’s ongoing Nonpoint Source plan.

Project: Rowle P. Simmons Community Center (formerly the Prescott Adult Center)

Bio-Remediation System: Capture surface: adjacent undeveloped land, streets, parking lots and drainage swales. Pre-filtration: series of graded, rock-lined, planted sediment basins; finish filtration through soil microbes and bio-remediation basin plantings.

Rainwater Harvesting System:  2,500 sq. ft. pre-finished metal roof, 5,000 gal. poly tank, custom rainhead, 1 HP submersible pump connected to vegetable garden irrigation circuit.



Designer, construction observation: Barnabas Kane, for Skywater and T. Barnabas Kane & Assoc.
Installer, rainwater harvesting systems: Skywater Rainwater Collection, volunteers.
Installers, bio-basins: Prescott Creeks Preservation Assn., City of Prescott, volunteers with Hire-A-Vet, Yavapai Exceptional Industries (YEI), The River Network, AmeriCorps.

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