Skywater’s Story

Skywater Rainwater Collection Systems is a rainwater harvesting system design and installation company founded in 2008 in Prescott, Arizona, a high-altitude, arid area increasingly threatened by water scarcity and wildfire. Our professional team and local partners combine decades of experience in landscaping and landscape architecture, hydrology, regenerative planning, sustainable design and permaculture. Working with residential, commercial and other clients, we provide expertise that leverages emerging rainwater harvesting technology for effective application in home landscaping, water conservation, stormwater management and land planning. Skywater is accredited by the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA), the leading professional organization for rainwater catchment in the United States.

  • Professional Certification
  • Efficient Irrigation Systems
  • Regional Sustainable Design
  • Total Hydrology Planning
  • Plant & Habitat Happiness

Barnabas Kane

Founder, Designer, Landscape Architect

Barnabas is a second-generation landscape architect with more than two decades’ experience designing beautiful, sustainable landscapes in a variety of climates, from the frigid Northeast to the arid West. He founded Skywater to promote the emerging rainwater-harvesting industry and create innovative applications for clients. Combining regenerative planning, sustainability and permaculture, he sees people as change agents that are integral to healing our relationship with our compromised planet. He has completed diverse projects from off-grid tiny homes to sustainable college campuses to alternative agriculture. As a regionally focused water-management expert, he frequently speaks, lectures and teaches, and has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Better Homes & GardensCowboys & Indians, Sunset Magazine and other publications. He is currently a senior landscape architect with Consillium Design, an award-winning land planning firm based in Denver.

  • Rainwater Catchment System Design
  • System Construction
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Permaculture
  • Regenerative Design & Planning
  • Project Management

Adrian Adams

Designer and Project Manager

Adrian is a designer and builder whose expertise includes rainwater collection, permaculture, sustainability, urban homesteading and ecology. He has designed and constructed residential and commercial projects combining low-water landscape, rainwater harvesting and gardening, as well as some of the most interesting emerging ideas in alternative agriculture. His own homestead in Prescott, Arizona, serves as a living classroom, an ongoing case study in innovative ecological design for arid regions. Adrian’s extensive rainwater harvesting knowledge and experience make him a valuable member of the Skywater team, and the most experienced rainwater technician in the Arizona Central Highlands. In addition to his continuing education in rainwater catchment and permaculture, he teaches at the renowned environmental-education school, Prescott College.

  • Rainwater Catchment System Design
  • System Construction & Maintenance
  • Permaculture
  • Sustainable Design
  • Project Management

Manzanita Landscaping

Local partner, landscape and irrigation, maintenance

Manzanita Landscaping is a family owned, full-service landscaping company that has served  residential and commercial clients in and around Prescott, Arizona, since 2009. Its experienced team of designers, horticulturalists and certified irrigation and maintenance personnel helps clients create distinctive outdoor environments to enhance their property’s beauty, value and ecological vitality. Owner Marc Vetere is a Prescott native who understands the conditions and challenges of landscaping in arid climates, from grasslands to Ponderosa forests. He believes a landscaping company is only as good as its employees, so has put together a team of specialists in plant species, masonry, plumbing, electrical, concrete, certified irrigation and maintenance, plus other trades essential to custom projects.

  • Rainwater Catchment System Construction
  • Landscape Installation and Maintenance
  • Irrigation System Installation and Renovation
  • Firewise Landscaping

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