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Whipple Street Basin

Prescott, AZ


This existing weedy detention basin is located at a busy major intersection.  This ADEQ project was a joint effort between our client, Prescott Creeks, and the City of Prescott.  The objective was to develop green infrastructure to remove/reduce non-point source pollution and improve the water quality of Watson Lake and its tributaries. Other goals: Public outreach/education  and neighborhood building.


Designer: TBKA, Barnabas Kane
Architect: Weddle-Gilmore
Installer: Prescott Creeks, City of Prescott
Volunteers: Hire-a-vet, YEI, The River Network, AmeriCorps
Avg. Annual Precipitation: 13” (Historically 19”)
Capture Surface: Adjacent streets parking lots and detention basin.
Storage/System:  Bio-remediation swales
Pre-Filtration: Rocked sediment basins, soils and plants in Bio-remediation basin.

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