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Southwest Wine Center, LEED Platinum

Yavapai College – Verde Campus, Cottonwood, AZ


The original scheme was to go Net-Zero water having the Rain system provide 100% of the facilities water demand. Local health code inspection cost made this prohibitive. The revised system meets all the landscape water needs. Plus an impressive sculptural funnel elegantly captures water from the roof scuppers adding to the architectural interest of this very successful project. The overflows are plumbed back into landscape for passive irrigation . Multiple landscape basins graded to maximize run-off capture assisting with stormwater mitigation.


Designer: TBKA, Barnabas Kane
Installer: Skywater
Architect: Boxwood
Fabricator: Royce Carlson
Contractor: Skywater
Avg. Precip: 11”
Capture Surface: Total EPDM roof, pre-cast paver
Area: 8,600 sf
Pre-Filtration: 2 – WISY 150 vortex filters
Storage: 2 – 5000 gal. Galvanized Steel tanks
Pump: 1.0 hp. Submersible
Landscape basins/soils

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