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Refuge Retreat, Residence

Prescott, AZ


Remote seasonal mountaintop home with a failing well. We set up the rainwater collection system as the primary water source with well as back up. Re-guttering and snow stops were required because of the alpine conditions and tree density of the site. The local fire district was consulted with prior to the design and install. Owner also has a generator for power back-up.


Designer: TBKA, Barnabas Kane
Installer: Skywater
Architect: Weddle-Gilmore
Avg. Annual Precipitation: 16”
Roof Area: 1250 SF
Capture Surface: Factory finished metal roof area: 1250 sf
Pre-Filtration: 2 – ‘Rain Harvesting’ PVC rainhead filters, 1 – 13,000 gal. lined Core-gal tank,  existing booster in pump house
Post Filtration:  0.5 Micron filter, Carbon block, UV, 4” fire connection, 4000 gal. devoted for fire protection

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