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The Village, Student Housing, LEED Platinum

Prescott College, Prescott, AZ


Split system. The landscape in the courtyard was designed with the water demand in mind. The fruiting trees, shrubs and grape vines are irrigated with this isolated 5000 gal. pressurized system. The 3000 gal. pressurized system was designed to meet the demands of the vegetable garden only. The balance of the exclusively native species landscape is irrigated with municipal water for a two year establishment period only.


Designer: TBKA, Barnabas Kane
Architect: Weddie-Gilmore
Avg, Annual Precip: 13”
Hardscape: 1500 sf concrete
Capture Surface: #1-1440 SF, #2-2880 SF, metal roof


Storage 1:  3000 gal. lined Galvalume
Storage 2:  5000 gal. lined Galvalume
Pump 1: 1.0 hp. submersible
Pump 2: 0.75 hp submersible
Landscape soil

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