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Lofts at McKinley

Phoenix, AZ


New three story housing complex pursuing LEED certification has a below grade parking garage where we located the rainwater harvesting system. We interrupted the roof and patio and planter drains with variable water quality, vortex pre-filters, float valve – city make-up water, 1 hp. Submersible pump connected to irrigation system, overflows plumbed back into roof drains.


Designer: Heather Kinkade, TBKA
Installer: Skywater
Avg. Annual Precip: 7”
Capture Surface: Total EPDM roof & pre-cast paver
Roof Area:19,260 sf
Condensate: undetermined volume
Pre-Filtration: 2 – WISY 150 vortex filters
Storage: 2 – 5000 gal. poly tanks
Pump: 1.0 hp. submersable

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