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Coconino Ranger Station

Sedona, AZ


National Forest Service was interested in creating a demonstration garden. This very busy Vistior center featured a variety of native plant species. The run-off was directed from the hardscape into a series of terraces and basins, built by volunteers, which would fill self irrigate the plantings during storm events. During dry times the tanks water was pressurized and connected to the drip system and used primarily for establishment and during extreme drought.


Designer: TBKA, Barnabas Kane
Installer: Skywater
Roof: 1450 sf asphalt shingle roof
Hardscape: 1500 sf concrete plaza
Pre-Filtration: ‘Rain Harvesting’ PVC filter & first flush
Tank: 1320 gal. poly tank
Pump: 0.5 hp. submersable
Landscape Basins & Soil

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