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Skywater Rainwater Collection Systems is a rainwater harvesting system design and installation company based in Prescott, Arizona. Located in a region inherently arid prone to drought, Skywater has hands-on experience with stormwater management, water conservation, irrigation strategies and rainwater harvesting.

We offer complete design and planning services:

We have a comprehensive background in rainwater harvesting, green building, landscape architecture, regenerative design & development, permaculture, and habitat restoration.

Skywater is accredited by ARCSA, the American Rainwater Collection Systems Association, the leading trade group for rainwater harvesting in the United States.View some of our recent projects via ARCSA’s virtual tours or our Resources page.

Meet Our Founder

Barnabas is a second generation Landscape Architect & Planner. His multi-disciplined approach blends architecture, landscape architecture, ecology, art, and community planning skills in an every emerging industry. Because of his passion for the field he founded his design firm in 1999 with the intent to influence every project and client to design the best possible project while improving all the cultural and ecological systems involved.

His design philosophy draws from a broad spectrum of disciplines with projects ranging from sustainable Agriculture to off-grid tiny Homes. He looks at every project as an opportunity to treat people as change agents, an integral part of the solution for repairing our relationships with our compromised planet. Optimizing the potential of every design challenge with people, place and purpose.

He has a diverse portfolio of projects from around the country and offers a very robust skill set. Excellent artistic design abilities and people & project management skills. He is a permaculture instructor, a regenerative practitioner, has taught at the ASU design school and presented to many diverse audiences including the national ‘Green-Build’ conference.

He founded ‘Skywater’ a rainwater harvesting design/build company, nearly 10 years ago to fill a local market niche, to tell this important story, and to promote the technology. As a regional water management expert he has been interviewed by the Wall street Journal. He has received numerous accolades, including a ‘Sunset’ magazine award and been a featured designer in local as well as national publications like ‘Cowboys and Indians’ and ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ magazines.

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